Through the Window Pane

Created as a companion “prequel” to the composer’s first collection, A Child’s Garden of Verses, this collection features seven accessible solos for pianists at an earlier stage of study. The purpose of each piece continues to be that of exploring the tonal palette of the piano, while discreetly reinforcing a single important musical concept (such as hand-to-hand phrasing, left hand melody, arm weight, extensions to a 6th, etc.). This inspiring collection aims to support students in the transition to early classical repertoire. Suitable to be used during the second year of piano study.

Level: Elementary
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A Child’s Garden of Verses

This acclaimed album was composed to encourage young pianists to explore the poetry inherent in music. Consisting of eight piano solos based on the composer’s favorite poems from Robert Louis Stevenson’s collection of the same title, these imaginative “etudes in disguise” encourage the student to focus on making the piece sound like the poem. All pieces explore use of the whole keyboard while limiting difficulty to the main musical or technical concept being reinforced.   A life-saver for teachers needing to fill that “black hole” at the late elementary to early intermediate level of teaching, the pieces in this collection are a mainstay on festival and examination lists in North America. Also a favorite with the adult or college class piano student!

Level: Late Elementary-Early Intermediate.
Listen: University of Iowa Piano Pedagogy Project
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Circus Sonatinas

Have you ever struggled to convey the importance of sonatina form to your student? Using the exciting imagery of the circus ring and its characters, this collection contains two complete sonatinas at the Elementary level: Big Top Sonatina and Circus Sonatina. The movements of each sonatina explore contrasting musical ideas, from the leaping acrobatics of Circus Sonatinas to the ferocious fff ending of The Big-Top Sonatina. The composer includes her trademark “piece for boys” in the last movement of each sonatina, although girls love them too! “Circus Secrets” are at the back of the book, providing important teaching support.

Level: Late Elementary-Early Intermediate
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Windy Nights and Other Tales

This final collection of Robert Louis Stevenson inspired pieces was written for advancing pianists. Windy Nights and Other Tales consists of three captivating piano solos. Each piece corresponds with a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson: “From a Railway Carriage” (a chromatic etude), “The Land of Story Books” (a nostalgic nocturne), and “Windy Nights” (a virtuosic toccata). These pieces explore advancing pianistic techniques using chromatic scales, romantic melodic projection, and perpetual motion.

Level: Late Intermediate
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A Royal Birthday Celebration: Suite in Baroque Style

This collection was composed in honor of the 75th birthday of Nancy Bachus, beloved author of The Baroque Spirit books. Inspired by Bach, Handel, and Telemann, A Royal Birthday Celebration: Suite in Baroque Style is a tongue-in-cheek collection of seven baroque dances with a contemporary twist. Pianists are challenged to play “Haydn-Seek” to find the hidden musical quotes from “Happy Birthday” concealed throughout. A beautiful performance by Yamaha Artist Katherine Fisher, a former student of Ms. Bachus, is provided for teachers and students on the digital audio tracks (download code is located on the cover page).

Level: Intermediate-Late Intermediate
Listen: Prelude to a Birthday Celebration, Jester’s Jig
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